Post Graduate Work Permit

The post-graduation work permit allows students to stay in Canada and gain work experience after completing their graduation. However, students must be graduated from a recognized Canadian institution. Graduates from certain designated learning institutions (DLIS) are eligible for a work permit. After getting your final marks, a candidate has 180 days to apply for a PGWP. Also, make sure your study permit does not expire before you get your final marks. PGWP allows international students graduating from a participating post-secondary college/ university to gain Canadian work experience. In the long run, Canadian work experience gained through PGWP helps international graduates qualify for PR (permanent residence) in Canada through PNP/Express Entry.


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  • Applicants can receive only one post – graduation work permit in their lifetime.
  • Must hold a valid temporary status or should have left Canada
  • Completed study in eligible institution in Canada
  • Duration of Study- 8months minimum
  • Category of Study can be Certificate or Diploma or Degree
  • Full time student status is must
  • Transcript and completion letter from the Institute is important
  • Application to work permit can be done 180days from the written confirmation (final marks issued or transcript & completion letter – whichever come first stating the completion result) received from the institute.
  • If study permit expire within 180 days – can convert to visitor visa to hold the valid temporary status to stay in Country and the PGWP can be applied within the expiry of the visitor status
  • If study permit expire with 180days – student can leave the country but still will be eligible to apply for the PGWP and return to country.
  • After application to the work permit – student will be eligible to work full time but study permit should have the condition to work off campus in study permit and study permit should be valid until the work permit decision is made.
  • Stop working immediately if the decision of refusal is made.

All Permits – Current Study Permit, Previous Study permit (if any) and Co-op Work Permit (if any) 3) Passport size photo with white color background

  •  Marriage certificate (if married)
  • Completion letter from Current college
  • Degree Certificate from current college (if available)
  • Transcripts from previous college (if any)
  • Completely filled information sheet (CW office will provide)
  • Use of representative form (CW office will provide)
  • Credit Card detail form (CW office will provide)

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